My name is Morgan Rock. I work at a large technology firm in the DevOps / Cloud Automation arena. I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years, and have had exposure to quite a few technologies as a result. I began in IT Support, moved into Virtualization Engineering / Architecture, did a stint as an Internal Solutions Architect / Technical Project Manager of sorts, and now am a member of an SRE team.

My primary tech tools these days are Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Java / Groovy, Python, Go, and Bash, but I won’t shy away from PHP, SQL, or Javascript either. Educationally I earned my BS in Computer Information Science from University of Maryland, which focused mainly on 3-tier architecture application development, though my general ed / other study areas were fairly prolific… If it’s out there, I probably thought about majoring in it for a time and studied that track for a year (I took the scenic route in College).

Personally I enjoy sports (Lacrosse particularly), playing with the kids, cars, cooking great food and sampling tasty adult beverages with my partner in crime Julia, and the occasional video game (these days I find myself either playing BattleTech or classic point-n-click adventure games from the 90’s).

I mainly try to take life seriously while at the same time trying hard not to take myself too seriously.